Mind & Body
How to save a life
5 hours ago
A gene-editing "vaccine" could stop the world's leading killer
Ali Pattillo
Through CRISPR, one treatment, one time, could reduce the risk of a heart attack.
Ask a psychologist
17 hours ago
‘The Good Place:’ The science behind becoming a more moral person
Sarah Sloat
Faking can indeed be making...
Retrain your brain
19 hours ago
Anxiety from the news: A psychologist explains how to cope with it in 2020
Sarah Sloat
Coping with stress caused by the news cycle is manageable if we know how to address it.
Mind and Body
22 hours ago
Are you exercising too much? 4 signs you might be
Tamara Hew-Butler
Too much, too soon, too fast.
Mind and Body
2.2.2020 2:22 PM
Are protein supplements good for health? Here's what experts say
David Rogerson
Is consuming them really necessary?
2.2.2020 1:00 PM
Humans are still evolving: 3 examples of recent adaptations
Sarah Sloat
Evolution waits for no man.
2.1.2020 6:58 PM
How many hours of sleep is enough? Age chart shows what you need to feel rested
Nina Pullano
Master your sleep schedule with science-backed guidelines.
Foul play
1.31.2020 6:53 PM
Football concussions have a devastating sexual health outcome — studies
Nina Pullano
The more you get hit in the head, the worse the results are, the research suggests.
"let's take a hard five"
1.31.2020 4:00 PM
How to make an anti-burnout schedule
Emma Betuel
The people who study burnout show how to douse the flames that lead to it.
Mind and Body
1.30.2020 9:34 PM
Wuhan flu: How to protect yourself from the mystery coronavirus
Ali Pattillo
"This virus might simply fizzle out or lead to a full-blown pandemic."
Lie to Me
1.30.2020 9:11 PM
Counterintuitive study reveals a potential silver lining to lying
Sofia Quaglia
Truth is in the eye of the beholder.
Meet the family
1.30.2020 5:31 PM
Everyone is a little Neanderthal, new study proves
Sarah Sloat
For the first time, scientists have clear evidence of Neanderthal ancestry in African populations.
Last Call
1.30.2020 4:47 PM
Alcohol and the brain: Scientists quantify how much a gram ages the mind
Emma Betuel
Over time, drinking and smoking make the brain look significantly older than it should.
Hello, Mr. Darcy
1.29.2020 11:02 PM
The “Mr. Darcy” pheromone makes female mice go crazy
Ali Pattillo
Inside the surprisingly complicated sex life of mice.
CBD Science
1.29.2020 10:31 PM
Single dose of CBD may treat psychosis, study suggests
Sofia Quaglia
“Now not only do we know that CBD works as an antipsychotic, we know it targets the areas of the brain that need to be targeted."
Mind and Body
1.29.2020 9:44 PM
1,000 adults were asked what they think of veganism. Here's what happened next.
Chris Bryant
“Pretty good” will not be a good look in the near future.
Mind and Body
1.29.2020 8:12 PM
DNA tests can amplify racist views, new study shows
Ali Pattillo
Scientists argue for better genetic knowledge.
Hard to swallow
1.29.2020 6:52 PM
A common elementary school infection is evolving dangerous new abilities
Emma Betuel
The bacteria that cause strep throat are on the road to antibiotic resistance.
1.28.2020 9:12 PM
Mouse study explains why the Keto diet can screw up long-term health
Ali Pattillo
Counterpoint: "Who wants to be on a diet forever?"
Mind and Body
1.28.2020 3:00 PM
EVALI: Lung scans show how vape illness tears through the lungs
Emma Betuel
New images reveal what EVALI looks like — and hint at what could stop it.