Corey Plante

Corey Plante is a multimedia journalist, writer, and reporter living in Brooklyn, NY. He covers varied topics at the cross-section of entertainment and culture, everything from indie video games to superhero shows and movies, as well as 'Rick and Morty.'
Netflix and not chill
2.6.2020 10:20 PM
Netflix just fixed its most annoying feature. Here's how to turn off auto-play previews.
Corey Plante
The days of tyrannical auto-play previews are over.
Here it comes
2.6.2020 7:14 PM
'Fortnite' Chapter 2, Season 2 release date, themes, map changes, and more
Corey Plante
This battle royale changed forever with the launch of Chapter 2. How will this chapter's second season keep it going?
mistah jay
2.6.2020 6:14 PM
How to get the Harley Quinn skin in Fortnite and complete Birds of Prey challenges
Corey Plante
Here's how to put on your virtual clown makeup.
2.5.2020 8:55 PM
'Smash Ultimate' Fighter Pass 2 release dates, possible fighters, and leaks to know
Corey Plante
Please give us Sirfetch'd.
This spells doom!
2.5.2020 4:34 PM
'Smash Ultimate' Fighter Pass 2 won't include this long-rumored character
Danny Paez and Corey Plante
Scratch this off your Fighter Pass 2 wishlist.
2.4.2020 7:26 PM
All the bloody mayhem in store for Castlevania Season 3
Corey Plante
Which terrifying villain will emerge from the shadows?
2.4.2020 1:30 PM
Magic: ManaStrike is the best MtG video game yet, because it's nothing like the card game
Corey Plante
This new Magic: The Gathering spin-off game is nothing like the actual card game, but maybe that's for the better.
Imposter Syndrome
2.4.2020 11:43 AM
Who is US Agent? Marvel's fake Captain America is a big Falcon and the Winter Soldier spoiler
Corey Plante
US Agent appearing in the Marvel Studios Disney+ Super Bowl spot is a big clue about the future of the Captain America mantle.
Would you kindly?
2.3.2020 6:24 PM
Download this mind-bending dystopian trilogy on PS4 for free right now before it's gone
Corey Plante
Return to Rapture and Columbia in the award-winning video game trilogy.
This guy are sick
2.1.2020 5:34 PM
Final Fantasy 7 Remake trailer retcons 2 iconic and beloved scenes
Corey Plante
It looks even kinkier than the original, and we are here for it.
2.1.2020 5:05 AM
The 11 best science fiction movies and shows on Netflix in February 2020
Corey Plante
All the best science fiction stories available to stream on Netflix this month.
Wubba lubba dub dub
1.31.2020 12:01 PM
The Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 6 release date could be revealed at the Super Bowl
Corey Plante
Rick and Morty ads usually don't have anything to do with the show, but isn't the Super Bowl the perfect time to announce the Episode 6 release date?
Toss a coin
1.30.2020 11:15 PM
Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf plot confirms a major theory about Season 2
Corey Plante
Fans of the games and books won't be shocked to see a certain character.
Use the Force
1.30.2020 7:34 PM
Project Luminous could reveal the next big Star Wars movie incredibly soon
Corey Plante
The next era in Star Wars history will probably take place in the High Republic. Here's when it might be revealed.
Toss a coin
1.30.2020 5:45 PM
'The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf' Netflix anime release date, story, and how it might impact Season 2
Corey Plante
Everything we know about the spinoff animated movie.
Eyes up, Guardian
1.29.2020 11:07 PM
'Destiny 2 data mine claims Trials of Osiris will return in Season 10
Corey Plante
The most competitive game mode in Destiny history may be coming back soon.
1.29.2020 5:56 PM
'Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales' on Switch chronicles one of the most important moments in Geralt's life
Corey Plante
How did the White Wolf get his full name and his knighthood?
1.29.2020 1:24 PM
‘Beast Wars’ is the only thing that can save Transformers
Corey Plante
'Bumblebee' was a step in the right direction. Now, Transformers needs to go even further back in time.
Ya basic
1.29.2020 12:00 PM
'The Good Place' Season 4's final twist involves a familiar set piece, art director hints
Corey Plante
A key piece of set construction will be crucial to the series finale. What could that mean for the way things wrap up on 'The Good Place'?
Riggity Wrecked
1.28.2020 6:01 PM
‘Rick and Morty’ Super Bowl Pringles ad offers a horrifying explanation for Season 4 delay
Corey Plante
Have Summer and Rick been trapped inside this Pringles ad the whole time?!